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The flaws in America's systemic institutions are being seen more clearly now than ever before. Most of us have witnessed countless tragedies and Black lives lost due to police negligence. The fact that we took the time to post, highlight, share and bring awareness to these incidents after they occurred is admirable. However, most of us remained silent as the cycle of violence and bloodshed continued.


George Floyd's heartless and disgusting murder by the four officers employed by the Minneapolis Police Department was hopefully the very last reminder we all needed to realize that the system has been broken for far too long. We just continued to let it run into the ground until the wheels came apart. But now that we see what's broken before our very eyes, we decided it needed to be fixed once and for all. That is the FIRST and MOST important step we all took together.

We're all hurting right now. Regardless of how you feel about race, religion or occupation, you all matter. But MORE IMPORTANTLY IN THIS VERY MOMENT, our Black brothers and sisters matter just as much. Listen to their voices and learn from their pain so that we can properly aid them in their fight against the ongoing systemic wrongdoings. Hopefully then, we can all continue the journey of moving forward in the right direction.

If you're reading this, thank you all for taking the very first step in realizing that the road to positive change begins now... and that it begins with YOU.


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