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In This Together

Depression is not just sadness. It is not mood swings or feeling down. Depression is darkness in a convoluted maze. Imagine working as hard as you can to find a way out, only to run into a dead end each and every time.

But in contrast to the darkness, there is a light. A light within us that I like to call our “inner light.” It could translate to a number of things for others, but for me, it was how I survived. It’s what guided me out of that once endless maze; it’s the reason I’m still alive today.

I know it’s difficult to believe in or spot the light when darkness engulfs you. It took soul searching, vulnerability, openly sharing my feelings, as well as the decision to seek professional therapy for my inner light to grow.

I want you to take a moment, put your hands out and imagine what that light looks like for you. Do you see the overwhelming flames of a bonfire? Or do you see a little ember that’s just trying to hold on? Maybe you see what I see… a soft glowing orb that refuses to fade. Whatever your inner light may be, embrace it. Hold it. Cherish it. Nurture it.

And please don’t be afraid to share it with someone else. Your light is beautiful. Your light is worth celebrating every day.

We’re in this together.

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