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To Write Love on Her Arms

Dealing with depression is something many of us face in our everyday lives. It feels as though we’re alone and trapped. Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck on a floating iceberg with no one around to hear my cries for help. One day, when I was at my absolute lowest, I came across a clip of Mister Rogers on YouTube. He was singing a song about all the ways to say ‘I love you.’ The song was beautiful, but it’s what he said at the end that struck me, ‘As you grow, I trust that you are finding many more ways to show and tell people that you love them. Those are the most important things that you’ll ever learn to do. Because loving people, animals, and the world we all live in is the most important part of being alive.’ Tell the people in your life you love them. Tell them they are not alone. And don’t forget how loved you are.

To view the full version of the video, visit this link. To find help, learn more, or get involved, please visit TWLOHA. To directly donate to treatment and recovery, go to:

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