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Love Will Be Right Here

I wanted to do is put this piece into context because it got so much feedback when I posted it on Instagram and so many people wanted to know what I was trying to convey. First of all, I wanted to thank my dear friend, Minato, for helping me beautifully color and remaster my original concept. Everything I draw or come up with usually has a meaning, so I will do my best to interpret what it meant to me.

Two people (a man and a woman) crossed paths with each other at the worst possible time in their lives. There were circumstances beyond their control that kept them from being together for long periods of time. While getting to know each other, they formed a genuine connection and realized a lot about themselves that they didn't even think about. They shared their hopes, fears, pains and joys and that brought them closer together. They knew was that there was an obvious void in their lives that they needed to fulfill, so the more time they spent with each other, that void started to disappear. It was only a matter of time before they fell for each other.

As their bond grew beyond control, they knew their time together had to end eventually. So as they said their goodbyes and parted ways, they reminisced about the times they spent together and that their love would always live forever in those moments.

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