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Sign the Safe Schools Petition

Every child in the world has the right to an education without fear of violence or attack.

However, increasing numbers of children are faced with their schools being occupied - or even bombed - by military forces around the world.

As Ahmed, above, says: "I wanted to become a doctor but perhaps I won’t become anything because our school was attacked".

Children shouldn’t pay the cost of conflict.

That’s why over 70 countries have signed up to the Safe Schools Declaration - a commitment to protect education and stop military use of schools.

Now, the world’s most powerful countries - the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council - need to join them.

One - France - already has. Now we’re calling on China, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States to follow their lead:

Every child deserves the chance to go to school and plan for a better future - and children caught up in conflict need it most.

Will you join France and 70 other countries who have recognized that and signed the Safe Schools Declaration to protect schools from military use?

Sign the petition online and support the safe schools movement:

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