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2012 In Review

Well, it's New Year's Eve and we haven't all died yet. (Thanks Mayans!)

Here's the year in review!

January - What can I say?

February - Production can be a drag sometimes...

March - Released our HIBAKUSHA theatrical poster, and released a short film, Mouthbreather, with my good friend, Emily Chang.

April - ChannelAPA surpassed 3 million YouTube video views and 16,000 followers on Twitter.

May - Started doing more HIBAKUSHA press release and released a YouTube channel specifically for exclusive clips and behind the scenes material. Recorded a song and video with Amber Lily. Also, watched my ChannelAPA partner-in-crime Kevin Hsieh get married.

June - Logged more studio hours for Hibakusha...

Also met this amazing fighter...

July - Started hitting promotions heavily with HIBAKUSHA. Released the trailer and drew up the framework with Choz Belen for a mixed media studio called Studio APA.

August - Witnessed one of my best friends, Yuefan, get married and got to be a groomsman. Highlight of the month by far!

September - Been visiting more art galleries. Even met Mr. Brainwash!

Also produced a short film in Palo Alto with Houston Rockets star, Jeremy Lin.

October - Released HIBAKUSHA at the Japanese American National Museum. Super emotional day, but 2 1/2 years of hard production work had finally come to an end.

November - Started our first leg of touring throughout the college circuit. We hit up five cities in the West Coast and four different universities within only this month. Haven't been this exhausted in a while!

December - Studio APA is officially an LLC. We're already gearing up for 2013 as we speak! I'm officially celebrating 27 years of live, and it's just getting started!

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