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Presenting, Issue 3: What Now?

Through a comic book-style series – called “Presenting” – we have been able to highlight the stories of individual Global Youth Ambassadors who have shown their dedication to creating change and championing education.

This issue features Sylvia Kakyo from Uganda who joined the Global Youth Ambassador network in 2015 and has already had several successes as part of Theirworld’s campaigns. From recording a video message to world leaders reminding them of their promises to get refugee children in school, to securing a meeting with the Ugandan Commissioner for Children and Youth to encourage him to support our #5for5 campaign, Sylvia has shown the power young people have to drive change.Her own education experience was far from easy - Sylvia was forced into marriage at the age of 15. This difficult time in her life inspired her to start advocating for education, especially girls’ education. She’s now the director of a grassroots NGO called Kakyo Girls Initiative in Kampala.

To read more of Sylvia's story, please visit Theirworld's page.

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