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Presenting, Issue 1: The First Step

They are amazing young people doing inspirational things. A World at School's network of 500 Global Youth Ambassadors are committed education advocates from 84 countries who support our campaigns to get every child into school and learning.

Now they are being featured in a series of illustrated stories which tell how they are taking the lead in education change.

James Edleston, Senior Manager for Youth Engagement at Theirworld - the children's charity behind A World at School - said: "It is also about their journey as advocates and campaigners and what that teaches us about supporting young people as leaders in the movement for education for all."

The comic book-style stories have been created with Theirworld by Studio APA, which worked with A World at School last year to make an animated film about the lives of three of our Global Youth Ambassadors (GYAs).

The studio's co-founder is director, writer and producer Steve Nguyen. He said: "The brilliant team at Theirworld and Studio APA have been constantly focusing on creative ideas to promote powerful stories. We wanted to do something positive, yet simple. Something that shines a light on the youth that constantly fought for their future in order to inspire others to do the same.

"Each month, our teams will be working together to curate a story based on one of these brave young men and women that are making a difference in our world."

Each of the stories in the series, called Presenting, features an interview with a GYA. The first is titled The First Step and tells the story of Wanja Maina from Kenya. You can read the full story here.

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