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On January 5, 2015, President Obama recalled the incident in Newtown, Connecticut three years ago where 28 children and 6 adult staff members were brutally murdered in an elementary school shooting.

The president was announcing new steps he plans to take to prevent gun violence in America. Family members of shooting victims surrounded the president during his announcement at the White House. Obama’s executive order will require more gun sellers to get licenses and more gun buyers to undergo background checks. The measures will also increase the enforcement of existing gun laws, increase mental health treatment and expand research into gun safety technology.

After Obama’s announcement, the hashtag #StopGunViolence trended worldwide on Twitter. Many supported Obama’s efforts, but some criticized the president’s actions. For those who are critical, let me just say that this wave of violence can’t continue. But how do we prevent these shooting incidents? How do we steer young people away from drugs and violence?

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