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2015 Reflections

I've taken the time to reminisce about what a wonderful year 2015 has been to me and my family. I've enjoyed 30 years of life on this incredibly fulfilling journey and I usually like to recap some of the highlights of each month and break it down for you in just one post. So without further delay, here were the special moments that were captured in 2015.

JanuaryNo H8 Campaign. Man, look at the strides they've made since they've started...

February – The beginning of our film festival circuit for "Turn It Up"

March – Met one of my favorite rock bands, Flyleaf.

April – Went back to this beautiful city in Oregon for the Disorient Film Festival.

May – Won an award for Best Music Video at the Poppy Jasper Film Festival in Morgan Hill, California.

June – Quite a few highlights this month. Visited Salt Lake City and San Jose during the film festival circuit, won the Intendence Film Festival in Denver, and started our collaboration with A World At School and Theirworld.

July – Released this gem that we made last year.

August – Won the awards for Best Music Video at Topanga Film Festival and the Los Angeles Arthouse Film Festival.

September – Presented one of the most rewarding projects that we've ever done in front of a sold out Town Hall in New York City.

October – Released "R I S E" with A World At School.

November – Released a special project with Mansions on the Moon titled "Heart of the Moment".

December – Celebrated the end of the year out at sea in the Caribbean with my family. Wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Also a few other noteworthy highlights like Kobe's retirement announcement and the new Star Wars film being released were worth mentioning. 2015, much like 2014, has been a year of self improvement and learning. I've been fortunate to realize that all of these moments have given me a sense of fulfillment and desire heading into the new year.

Thank you to all of you that have followed my journey until now, and I hope to bring more to the table in 2016. Here's to another great year!

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