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Coming to an End

Just wanted to take a moment to conclude the end of our wonderful Caribbean trip. It's sad that all good things must come to an end, but I've enjoyed every minute of this experience.

The last stop on our tour was Grenada. Despite being a small island, it is amazing beautiful.

The first thing we saw when we docked was the skyline view of the island. Grenada’s oldest fort, Fort George, was established by the French in 1705 is the centerpiece of the St George’s skyline. If any of you are familiar with the battle that took place on this island, there is a plaque in the parade ground that marks the spot where revolutionary leader, Maurice Bishop, was executed, which set in motion events that led to the United States invasion in 1983.

Our destination was the Grand Anse Beach.

Getting to the beach from a cruise ship was a breeze. The water taxis were very easy to find. They can even be seen from the ship. As you walk off the dock and through the building at the end of the dock signs clearly mark which way to the water taxi. When you board the water taxi, you basically pay for a round trip. They will issue you a plastic coated card for your return trip that can be used on any taxi leaving the beach area. The water taxi is very convenient and easy to use, so do not have any apprehensions about using this service.

All I can say is that the Grand Anse beach is the quintessential Caribbean paradise - clear, calm water in all shades of blue, great snorkeling on the reef close to the shore, soft powdery white sand, beachfront cafés and water sport shops, and lots of trees for shade.

To describe it briefly, the sand is powdery and light. The walk into the ocean is completely smooth and level. The water is several different shades of blue and green and transparent enough to see the bottom. The beach is one of the cleanest I've ever seen, and since there are a few hotels fronting it, you have options for sea-side beverages and meals.

We loved spending time on beaches and we could say that this beach definitely met our highest expectations! I would strongly recommend spending time out here if you're passing by Grenada.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my short trip through the Caribbean! If any of you have any stories or fond experiences of your trips, please feel free to share them with me and I would love to discuss with you.

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