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Priscilla's Birthday in Saint Lucia

Today is Priscilla's birthday, and we're heading for the Castries on the island of Saint Lucia to celebrate. I honestly cannot get enough of these beach days.

The family and I decided to take a taxi drive out to an area called Reduit Beach.

The sea was crystal clear with a lovely stretch of golden sandy beach. It is a brilliant beach for families since it has clean sand, warm waters, fun water sport activities, and amazing foods available on the beach. One item that stands out in particular is the roti served by the smiling and charming Liz that passes by on occasion. She offers chicken, seafood, shrimp, beef and vegetarian, along with banana, cherry/coconut and mango cake as well.

If you like quiet beaches, you should probably head for another beach.

Quite a few vendors were persistent to sell us beds, umbrellas, water sports, and various craftwork. If you hate dealing with that kind of stuff, it maybe a tad overwhelming for you to relax and enjoy your rest here.

The wife and I took up some early kayaking in the morning to get the blood flowing and to take advantage of the great weather. We made it a mission to be as active as possible for a few days since we've been eating like pigs. Also, the rest of our beach days would be mainly casual and we wouldn't have the chance to do these things again. We were contemplating on not doing the jet skiing again, but the folks were persistent in making us do it. Again, never one to complain about a free jet ski opportunity, but now my body knows when enough is enough. I let my baby sister take the reigns while I just took in the salt water and amazing views. In hindsight, I should have brought my GoPro and mounted it to my body.

A majority of our day was spent here at this beach. Once we got back to the ship, I had a 3-on-3 basketball tournament that I did not plan to lose. There were about seven teams competing this time around, but in the end, we took home the GOLD!

To sum it all up, Priscilla had a great birthday dinner and celebration in Saint Lucia, and I was happy that she was able to have an amazing birthday experience for the very first time.

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