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Back To Saint Thomas

This island really takes me back to when I was a young 14-year-old kid because nothing had really changed since I had last visited. I still remember the little town shops that remained and the quaint little courtyard square areas that stood the test of time. The last time we were here, my sister was four years old and my brother absolutely hated traveling. Now that we're all adults, we can respect and enjoy these traveling experiences together as a family.

We disembarked from the cruise ship around eight in the morning. I was still feeling the slight fatigue from the jet lag, but there's just something about this Caribbean air that puts you in a great mood. It's a struggle waking up early in the morning on my own, but when you're at sea, waking up is as natural as breathing.

Since the family remembers taking this trip well, we opted out of all of the tourist traps and cruise expeditions and just decided to go off on our own. If we could commit to spending at least 4-6 hours in one place where we could enjoy the beaches and water, that would be enough for us. I wouldn't say that the tourism aspect has lost its appeal, but as a family, we weren't as interested in shopping for souvenirs or visiting a candle-making factory. If it's something you as travelers want to do, I would say go for it.

Our plan was to take a taxi to the Atlantic north side of the island called Magen Bay. Apparently, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island and according to the taxi driver, they filmed a Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part I scene out here.

For $4, you have access to this lovely beach along with a snack counter, bar, and souvenir shop. Beach chairs, floats, lounge chairs, mask and snorkels, fins, towels, kayaks, and paddleboats can be rented out here too.

I truly believe that the Caribbean has the best beaches and oceans on earth. We spent a good 4 hours here just enjoying the sun and relaxing on the sand. Around noon, a passing rain cloud really came down on us, so we decided to pack it up a little earlier than usual. The locals didn't seem to be phased by it, but I figure that we'll be visiting more of the same areas throughout the course of this trip anyway.

The taxi ride back to the port was a lot smoother than before despite the heavy rain. The roads are in serious need of repairs because I could feel the shocks of the bumps just sitting in the back. It also trips me out that they drive on the left side of the road out here. Never really was sure why since it was a United States territory.

As it started clearing up, the wife and I decided to walk through the town and check out the Saint Thomas Shopping Square. I would have loved to have seen more of the island, but the ship expects you to be back around 4:30 PM. Time moves super fast around these parts, so once you have a gameplan, you have to stick with it.

So far, great first day!

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