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The film was made for the #UpForSchool event in New York to mark the handing-in of 10 million petition signatures from around the world to the United Nations, calling for the right of every child to be in school. It tells the personal stories of three of A World at School’s Global Youth Ambassadors and how they overcame the odds to get an education. Learn more: “There are crucial moments we face that can alter the course of our lives. What do we learn from these experiences and how do they influence us to become the people that we are today?”

Thank you Ewan Watt for the coverage on our film. Directed by: Steve Nguyen and Choz Belen (Studio APA) Produced by: A World at School Illustrations by: Studio APA, Darby Fly, medgrafix, Marjan, Cindy Wong Song: “Good, Bad, Ugly” by LeCrae Special Thanks: Mohamed Sidibay Ijeoma Idika-Chima Yaaseen Edoo

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