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Farewell, Mr. Nimoy

Growing up watching Star Trek, it was always a fantasy of mine to travel through space and go on crazy adventures with alien friends. I had a really vivid imagination that somehow this show was able to understand. From that point on, my love for this show grew as did my fascination with the character, Mr. Spock.

That's why it saddens me to write that Leonard Nimoy, who has portrayed and reprised his character throughout the last 50 years, has passed away. We all mourn his passing because he in some way, we are all connected to Spock. Mr. Nimoy brought a familiar perspective to a fictional character that resembled all of us. As most kids growing up and learning new ways, we could relate to being the alien in new environments and dealing with different lifeforms. Being the outcast, but at the same time, remaining spiritual and empathic towards your fellow man.

Now being in the industry where television programs and films come and go, very rarely does a television character withstand the test of time. As an admired actor, the connection that Mr. Nimoy made with millions of Trekkie fans and other enthusiasts of his work extended beyond the farthest limits that anyone could imagine. Astronauts are throwing up vulcan salutes in space. People from all over the world are pouring in their condolences via social media. The outpouring gestures of respect and admiration are truly remarkable, yet deserved for a man who has changed the world with his talent and passion for acting.

When I got to see Mr. Nimoy speak at his very last Trek convention back in 2011, I'll never forget what he said to the audience. "To the young boy out there that looked up at the stars and had dreams to venture beyond our galaxy, you sir... have definitely made a believer out of me."

Live Long and Prosper...

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