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Choz and I are excited for what this year has to bring in terms of quality film work and animation.

First off, I'm very excited to go back out on the film festival circuit for the "Turn It Up" music video that we did back in January 2014. Surprisingly, where we ended the Hibakusha Spring tour will be where we pick back up... Eugene, Oregon at the Disorient Film Festival this April. We also received word that we just received an official selection to the Other Venice Film Festival this coming fall.

I will post a tour schedule sometime in the Spring/Summer.

I'm so proud of Tay and Val for proactively pursuing their goals and collaborating with as many independent artists as they can to build a community of people who think and dream alike. They are headlining a tour as well that will take place starting in March in Arizona.

Our collaboration music video with Mansions on the Moon is coming along smoothly. There will be a slight delay as far as the release is concerned, but it should not be long until you see the final product.

There are more updates that I am really excited to announce, but not yet confirmed at this point. I will continue to remain mum about it until I get a final confirmation. For now, let's hope and anticipate for great things to happen in 2015.

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