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29 Years

Since you guys have started to leave birthday wishes for me left and right, I wanted to leave you with an official post.

Thank you all for the support and love that you have given to us in 2014. It was a less active year winding down, but so many wonderful memories have taken place and I can't imagine what this year would be without all of the lessons and people that were involved in my life.

Just to recap what went down this year:



Received words of wisdom from a veteran NBA champion.


Wisconsin was beautiful during the winter time. Had one of the best talks with the folks at La Crosse.


Finished the last official tour for Hibakusha in Eugene, Oregon. Received a standing ovation and lifetime achievement award in Kaz's honor.


Worked with Awkwafina on her very first track "Flu Shot"


Received great advice and a special gift from a lifelong mentor.


Collaborated with a young talented group from Cherry Hill, New Jersey on their upcoming single.


Participated in a series hosted by a Star Trek legend.


Went for the ride of my life.


Married my best friend and whisked her off to the Mediterranean.


Went above and #BEYOND.


Had a blast working with some great people on a wonderful project that will be releasing next month.

I would love to wish for a productive and eventful 2015 for each and everyone of you. Enjoy the rest of 2014 and please stick around for the ride.

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