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Last Day In Rome

Jet lag starts to kick in around the third day, so readjusting to all of the hectic fast paced vacation lifestyle is a challenge.

Our last day consisted of hitting up every other tourist location on the map of Rome that we haven't been to yet. Had to start with the Colosseum. The aesthetic pleasure of taking the train to get to these places is indescribable, no matter where you go. In New York, it's a very similar feeling you get walking out of the tunnel and finding a major landmark staring you right in the face. It's a different experience walking around the Colosseum area on your own rather than with a tour group because the vantage points you get to walk to from the distances make for the best pictures.

I wish that Priscilla got to go inside the Colosseum to see it for herself, but she wasn't interested in that stuff. Made it a lot easier on me.

After making our way out of the Colosseum square, we headed over to the Pantheon area. We enjoyed a nice long walk through a Sunday festival filled with games, food, and fun. Sunday seems to be a very festive day after church.

You know what was a huge disappointment? We wanted to look for the Trevi Fountain, so we spent a third of the day walking there from wherever we were. After a few hours of walking, what do we find? It's closed and under construction! Talk about a major buzzkill. Our faces pretty much say it all. We were not happy campers.

Most of our time was spent walking around the downtown area doing as much shopping as we could.

I guess our mission was to look for Italian brand retail since it would be more affordable than back in the states. Whether it was shoes, leather made goods, or Italian made cashmere... the point was to look for the best deals possible. Since it was our last day, figured we should make the most out of it since all we bought up to this point was mostly food and travel based items.

Speaking of which, ran into a great gelato place called Giolitti. Many of you who have traveled to Rome may have heard of this place, but I can safely say that it is the best dessert place in Rome. If you read any travel blogs or TripAdvisor, you'll see many 5 star reviews of this place. Totally justified. Look for this place!

Around this time, I believe I caught a massive head cold. Probably due to the lack of energy and coughing heads all around us. It was tough, but I managed to survive through most of the day. It got worse at night, so we decided to stay close to the hotel and get a pizza from the nearby restaurant called Pizza Rey. What can I say about this place? Very lively and robust. Loved the atmosphere, but since I wasn't 100%, I couldn't enjoy the dining experience to the fullest.

Still though... great wine and food.

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