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GUMSHIP Interview

It was mad fun hanging out with my man, Rekstizzy, in NYC to do this podcast. Be sure to listen to the full recording and learn some cool stuff about my journey.

Steve Nguyen (twitter: @steve_nguyen instagram: @stevenguyen) is well known for blogging and creating content for popular (but currently defunct) Asian media site Channel APA. But the man has got writing, directing, and producing credits. He talks to us about being awkward as a youth, his first exposure to cinema through his mentor, working with heroes like Chops & Drunken Tiger, insight from seeing hundreds of video submissions from Asian artists, why ChannelAPA is on hiatus, and what it’s like to have over 300,000 followers on Twitter.

You can stream it above OR do the convenient thing and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes for new episodes on your phone or laptop as soon as they drop. Check out these video clips from the episode:

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