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The Return of King James

Anybody that really knows me knows that I bleed wine & gold.

LeBron's infamous decision back in 2010 was probably the worst thing to happen to Cleveland Cavaliers fans all across the country. It hurt me as a fan to see the greatest Cavalier of all time walk away from the domain that he built, but to see him abandon that and join the likes of Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh made me livid. To this day, I cannot stomach him wearing a Miami Heat jersey. Dan Gilbert's open letter had modest intentions and I get where it's coming from, but looking back, it made Cleveland fans like myself sound petty and vengeful. Let's just say the last four years have been a very trying time rooting for the Cavs and as you can tell, it made it extremely difficult for me to watch the Miami Heat go on to win two rings.

I was always adamant in saying that he has been the best player in our league since Michael Jordan. The fact that he made a decision to join the Heat never diminished his skills. Wearing that Heat jersey would definitely tarnish his image, but over time, great PR placement, and winning made us forgive and forget like it never happened. I can't remember when, but I was asked if LeBron were to come back on his own terms, would Cleveland ever accept him again? Even after all the booing, jeering, and burned jerseys? Without hesitation, I said "of course." I would take a 30 year old LeBron any day. On July 11, 2014, it was announced through Sports Illustrated that LeBron was coming back to Cleveland. The hypothetical has now become a reality.

My ties to the Central Midwest have been very strong. I visit the area at least three times a year, I catch every Cavs game on NBA League Pass, and I always make it to a game while they're out in Los Angeles. I love the area in all of its purity and blue collar spirit. Believe me when I tell you that the city of Cleveland needed this to happen.

Thank you LeBron for your essay to the public. I cannot wait for you to come back and join the Cavs army again. Those last four years were a nightmare, but I truly believe in karma and the lottery was a proven factor that it does exist. As a sports fan and loyal Cavs enthusiast, you have restored my faith in professional sports again.

Go Cavs.

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