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Thank you Pharrell for everything. I know that sounds like a loaded sentence.

I will always ride with you and Chad as long as I live. Thank you for paving the path for not just me, but all the great artists that have continued to change our generation. Giving back to your charity, From One Hand to Another, is the very least I could do for fifteen years of devoted inspiration and philosophy that The Neptunes and N.E.R.D. have shown me through example. The fifteen-year-old kid that came from a small town with little confidence and ambitions has you and Chad both to thank for instilling the desire to reach for the stars.

For all the kids out there who have never had the opportunity to meet Skateboard P that want to know what it feels like, I want you to know that it took me thirteen years of working diligently in the entertainment industry to be allowed the opportunity to finally introduce myself. If you really want to make something happen, you have to work for it. The opportunity will never present itself to you unless you make it happen yourself.

Please continue to grow your movement and inspire the others out there to reach their potential and beyond.

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