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2013 Reflections

I wanted to send everyone my best wishes for the New Year. 2013 was an amazing year and I'm looking forward to an even better 2014! Thanks for the continuous support as always. Here's a recap of 2013.

January – Seattle.

February – San Diego State University.

Asians on Film Festival.

March – Official launch for Studio APA begins.

April – Detroit. Ann Arbor. Flint.

May – UC Davis.

... and of course...

June – Japan.

July – Korea.

August – Hiroshima Revisited, sponsored by Global Zero.

September – Hooked up with CHOPS to put together "Strength In Numbers", a YouTube series on Studio APA.

and oh yes... Atlanta.

October – United with Tay and Val to bring Dreams Unlimited to Studio APA.

November – Loyola Marymount

December – UC Santa Cruz.

Lots to look forward to next year! Lots of touring. Lots of fun to be had.

Seriously cannot wait. Many blessings from me to you.

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