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Dreams Unlimited - 梦MENG

Dreams Unlimited was created by two women filmmakers – Tay and Val, who are traveling/cycling around the world to collect, share and INSPIRE dreams. They have been documenting their journey, dreams of the people they have met and inspired from their experiences since 2009 through photos, videos and writings. Tay and Val have travelled through parts of Asia, Hawaii and Latin America; the journey now continues across the fifty states of America. By sharing these stories, Tay and Val hope that you too, will take one more step to live your dreams. Dreams Unlimited is about “Your Dream Shared, Millions Inspired”.

(mm/ uh/ ng - try “mmm” then “uhhh” then “ng” separately first, then string the syllabi together), n. Chinese character for DREAM. Like most Chinese characters, it is made up of different characters; each part with its own meaning, and the sum of its parts painting a full story. The character 木 literally means WOOD. 2木s placed side by side : 林form the word FOREST. The character夕literally means ONE DAY or AT THE END OF THE DAY. When 林is placed above夕 like this: 林+夕 = 梦= DREAM. story.

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