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Migration Is Beautiful x Technodrome1 x Studio APA

Check out my collaboration piece with TECHNODROME1, inspired by Favianna Rodriguez and her “Migration Is Beautiful” campaign. #dromexstevenguyen

I was so inspired by the “Migration is Beautiful” campaign. Artist and social activist Favianna Rodriguez was able to utilize her artistic passions to organize a political movement in order to bring awareness to migrant rights and attempt to change the future of immigration policy. The butterfly is a prominent symbol in her message because it represents the beauty of migration and the right that living beings have to move without restraint. It also symbolizes the beautiful transformative experience that goes into the process of a cultural reform. To pay tribute to this wonderful cause, I partnered with an old friend, Joshua Takun Williams (Technodrome1) to combine my design with his color patterns in our own take on the butterfly symbol.

Artist and co-founder of CultureStrike, Favianna Rodriguez, created the “Migration is Beautiful” butterfly image. “The butterfly symbol was not my idea. Immigrant rights activists have seen the butterfly as a symbol of fluid and peaceful migration for generations. To me, the monarch butterfly represents the dignity and resilience of migrants, and the right that all living beings have to move freely. I believe that we shouldn’t allow our identity to be defined only by our suffering, nor by the actions that others have taken to devalue our families and our labor — rather, let us celebrate our beauty, pride, and resilience in the face of inequality and injustice.”

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