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Return to Tokyo

When you're flying from the west coast to Asia, Japan serves as the gateway to all arriving flights and transfers. Once you sit through that ten and a half hour flight like I did, you would be just as impatient as anybody else to get off that plane and bolt through the customs gate. Surprisingly, everyone was very calm and organized. I highly recommend JAL for flying to Japan for comfort, pleasantries, and stewardess hospitality.

Since I was fatigued from the flight and the bus ride from Narita to Tokyo (about an hour and a half with traffic), most of this day was a blur. I headed over to Shibuya Excel Tokyu, which if you haven't heard of... it's the hotel right above the famous scramble intersection. It took me a while to get familiar with it since I haven't been back in six years, but it was amazing at night. Our room was right above it, so you could see all the activity just light up.

It rained pretty heavily, so all we did was grab a quick bowl of ramen, bought some drug store groceries from Family Mart, and headed right back to our rooms to sleep.

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