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HIBAKUSHA Original Motion Picture Score on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic

The Hibakusha Original Motion Picture Score is now available for purchase online. Over 122 minutes of original music. Special thanks to Tony Fiala for all his hard work producing the amazing score and also to Michelle Martinez and producer Smash Hitta for their work on the incredible end credit song “Memories“!


1. Prelude 2. Time Heals All Wounds 3. Skyline 4. Innocence 5. Angel 6. Oleander 7. Red Alert 8. Anguish 9. Burning Radiation 10. Wasteland 11. Spirit of Sacrifice 12. Follow Me 13. The Trench 14. Kaz’ Plea 15. Why Not? 16. Ode to the Hibakusha 17. Epilogue 18. Michelle Martinez – Memories (feat. Smash Hitta)

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