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26th Year

As another year goes by and as I begin my 26th year, I just wanted to take the time to reflect briefly and summarize what happened in 2011.

January - Pre-production for "Hibakusha" in New York City, released Audi Driving Experience Video (broke 130,000 views), visited Washington DC and Philadelphia.

February - Successfully funded first campaign for "Hibakusha" & hosted the second annual BANANA conference.

March - Started recording & principal photography for "Hibakusha".

April - Spoke at my very first WonderCon.

May - Shot Megan Lee's "Love, Laugh, & Live" for 2 weeks straight, went back to New York to visit Priscilla and direct another "Hibakusha" session.

June - Released "Love, Laugh & Live" with the very talented Megan Lee (broke 300,000 views yesterday) and started filming the ChannelAPA documentary.

July - Was bedridden for most of the month due to rectal surgery and polyp removal.

August - Went up to Nor Cal to pick Priscilla up from CTY and do a Napa Valley tour, then headed straight to Vegas.

September - Wrote & published a short story for a collective novel called "Pho For Life: A Melting Pot of Thoughts".

October - Re-released our short film "Dilated" (over 40,000 views) and "The Making of a Memoir" (over 50,000 views), filmed a three-part dating project with Vanae, and then started pre-production on Jubilee Project's secret film.

November - Released "Diamond Bars" with David A. Romero (over 50,000 views) & continued recording for "Hibakusha."

December - NBA lockout ended, moved-in to new place, and life is looking pretty sweet.

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