My Open Letter To Dan Gilbert

Dear Dan,

Out of all the owners out there in the NBA who weren't afraid to express themselves, you were THE MAN and I loved you for it. You didn't give a shit about what anybody had to say, and you know... you were right for now. LeBron didn't win his ring, and Cleveland may be heading in the right direction a few years. Who knows?

After "The Decision", I completely 100% agreed with every point that you were trying to make when LeBron bolted from Cleveland. I was a die-hard Cavs fan and I took it hard. To this day, I'm still not over it, so I can only imagine what you're thinking right now. Your open letter spread across the net like wildfire, and even though those NBA analysts and purveyors criticized your maturity and execution for handling this fiasco... you didn't give a rat's ass.

Now we look back and see that maybe you were right.

But Dan, it's gotta stop now.

Although the NBA claims to have nixed the trade without the influence of the owners, we all know that this trade would have gone through if "someone" hadn't intervened. Yes, I'm pointing my finger at you.

The Chris Paul trade whether you see it or not was an equal and fair trade that would have benefited all sides. The Rockets would have replaced Yao Ming fairly quickly and the Hornets would have acquired four key pieces toward rebuilding. Now that I think about it, the Lakers lost out the most on this deal!

You never seemed to have a problem with the free agency process before, so what are you doing? You realize that CP3 is going to a big market team after his contract is up regardless of whether you like it or not.

Let it go. You have to LET IT GO.

Sincerely, All the pissed off Laker fans