Two Years Later...

Where the journey began... finally got around to uploading it to YouTube. Thanks for everything, Lac. Can't wait for the next book to drop.

"The Making of a Memoir" is a short documentary based on the HarperCollins published memoir of Lac Su titled "I Love Yous are for White People" about a young Vietnamese refugee at the time who struggled to find himself on the mean streets of West Hollywood. Lac's search for love and acceptance amid poverty—not to mention the psychological turmoil created by a harsh and unrelenting father—turned his young life into a comedy of errors and led him to a dangerous gang experience that threatened to tear his life apart.

Directed by film producers Steve Nguyen and Brian L. Tan, the documentary takes you through a journey of Lac's past revisited after 15 years. Heart-wrenching, irreverent, and ultimately uplifting, I Love Yous Are for White People is a memoir at its most affecting, depicting the struggles that countless individuals have faced in their quest to belong and that even more have endured in pursuit of a father's fleeting affection.