We Are the Hunted

If you happened to watch the Asian Community Fund (APCF) PSA posted last week, you’ll notice a fresh new face in that video. Connie Lim is one of LA’s best kept secrets, but hopefully not for long. Influenced by artists like Imogen Heap, Zero7, Feist, Morcheeba, Portishead, Natalie Merchant, Nina Simone and Bill Withers, Lim has created a different musical genre of what she calls “retrotronica”: a blend of old school songwriting and electronic sentiment.

Her highly anticipated EP, The Hunted, is a heart-felt anthem for the so-called underdogs and outcasts. As a treat to her adoring fans and followers, Connie has dropped her 7-track album exclusively available for digital download on CD Baby just a few days before the official release of her album. The Hunted CD release party is set to go down Saturday, July 17 at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, so if you’re in the Los Angeles area and want to check some great local acts, visit her Facebook event page and RSVP.

The video posted above will take you through some of her thoughts and processes behind the making of her second album. Connie’s segment also is accompanied with a spiritual and upbeat live performance of her title track with her house band, The Forrest Philosophy.

DIRECTOR’S NOTE: When we were in high school, I always had this feeling that Connie was going to pursue some sort of career in music. Just to give you a feel for how naturally gifted she was, Connie had won several composition awards throughout high school and then she went on to join a very popular A cappella group at UC Berkeley called the Golden Overtones. Since the release of her very first EP titled Shifting, Connie has continued to dedicate most of her time into improving the quality and sound of her latest album. I had an interesting discussion with her a while back, so if you want a more in-depth background, you can check it out here.

For more information about Connie and her upcoming tour schedule, please visit her official website and her Facebook page.