One Crazy Friday Night

I headed uptown to film a segment with singer/songwriter Cynthia Lin. She was nice enough to spend some time with me and chat with during our 2010 East Coast tour. Learn more about how she got into music and what influences her “acoustic jazz folk” music style. Like Jane Lui, Cynthia is working on her third album. She self-funded he previous 2 albums and hope that fans will help fund the new project. See how she has followed her passion and how you can support her. After we hung out and grabbed some New York pizza, I had to go back downtown to shoot something with Johnnyphlo, Decipher, and Taiyo Na.

While chopping it up with Johnnyphlo, we talked about how he got into music and what influences him.

The guy produces as well as spits rhymes. His own unique mix of music fuses English and Korean lyrics on the same track. Check out his latest album Basic Strategy. You may know him best from the track One of the Best. Johnnyphlo is building up a network of Asian American artists, so hit him up if you want to collaborate with him, especially West Coast artists. Recently, he got a shoutout on The A-list by Jin.

We connected with Decipher (aka DC aka Danny Chung). He talks about his music background and what type of music influences him. His music has been popular with channelAPA viewers including There She Goes and Hyundai Daewoo Kia. The guy freestyles too. (see Step into a World). He’s also been in some big collbos like All About the Money and One of the Best. Look for more collabos coming soon on Decipher’s next album “The Effect” dropping Summer 2010. If you can’t wait, download his latest mixtape The Best Things in Life Vol. 1 for FREE. We spoke with Taiyo about his music background and what influences his music. Last year, Taiyo Na released his music video Lovely to Me (Immigrant Mother). He tells us about this music video and his collaboration with Magnetic North. Taiyo Na is also one of the guys behind the Sulu series. If you’re in New York, you can also see him as one of the hosts of the TV show “Asian America” on PBS. We went through a wild afternoon through St. Mark's in a limo ride, popping bottles and drinking all day. We hit up this spot called Pommes Frites, which was probably the best fries restaurant I've ever been to. Definitely a travel suggestion for anybody who plans to hit the area up. I went back to downtown SoHo to meet up with some lovely ladies who shot a video that I really enjoyed. I chatted with singer/songwriter May Ling and executive producer MinhTu Van of the music video Someday, a song about domestic violence. We learn about their respective music and filmmaking backgrounds. Additionally, they talk about how the music video came together and what it means to them. This project fused a non-profit organization (New York Asian Women’s Center) with talented artists. Not only do they promote social activism and awareness, but they also show how the video is used to help those faced with domestic violence. Look for a potential music video about child trafficking in the future. After the work was over, I went back up to Hell's Kitchen to hang out with my friends. It was pretty exhausting going through all of that traveling on foot, but I was able to have a few drinks of soju at Bonchon and have great conversation with friends. Like I said, it was one crazy Friday night!