Hanging with Gary King and Ellie Lee

On the East Coast Tour, I got the chance to connect with director Gary King. While we were hanging out at Madison Square Park, he discussed with me how he got into film making and how he’s funded some of his films in the past. I was also very happy to hear how supportive his wife was of his career path, and it just gave him more encouragement throughout his life. Without a traditional film making background, he’s already created a couple films (What’s up Lovely and New York Lately) along with a bunch of shorts. Currently, he’s shooting "How to Write a Joe Schermann Song". Learn more about Gary King and his work here.

I also got to hang out with my buddy Ellie from Seoulbeats and AATheory.

Right off the bat, I could tell she was full of personality for someone who was going about it alone. During the time we got to chill in K-town, she had revealed to me how concentrated the New York environment and community really was for the Asian American entertainment scene. I definitely encourage you guys to check out her site for K-pop entertainment and commentary on Asian American entertainment at

Ellie also got the chance to help me out with an interview I did with Teresa Lee and Patrick Moloney of the band Paperdoll. They were really cool people, and their music is just insane! They're definitely out there to make a scene, and from what I hear... they're slated to perform at this year's Kollaboration in New York. Be sure to check them out.