Landed in New York

I came in on the Red-eye flight from LAX to JFK, so things may be a little bit fuzzy. From what I can recall, I arrived to New York around 9 AM en route to Hell's Kitchen. I forgot how bad traffic was going to Times Square, but I hadn't been back in so long that I forgot how to take the subways. It was roughly four years since I've returned to the Big City, but I had a lot to look forward to. Since channelAPA started picked up the pace, we've been getting quite a bit of attention in the East Coast... and this trip was basically a tour to visit all of our supporters from the other side. Also, I had to hang out with my good friends Yuefan and Alan while I was in the area. I ended up arriving where I needed to be around 12pm, which was roughly 3 hours well spent on the 1-278 Jamaica Queens highway.

Once I got to my friends' apartment building on 34th St and 8th Ave, I knocked out in order to recover from that horrendous Red-eye flight and taxi ride. I had a meeting with the director of White on Rice, Dave Boyle somewhere in Times Square. He was in town to promote his movie and give a talk on DIY distribution. We had a few drinks and also had a great talk about our future upcoming projects. It lasted about an hour, which was perfect timing because I had to catch a Knicks game with my buddy Yuefan. This was my first time going to Madison Square Garden, so I was stoked! Of course, the Knicks haven't been doing so great as of late, and they were going up against the powerhouse Atlanta Hawks... so I wasn't walking into the game expecting much. Still, when I walked into the garden for the very first time... I just had this feeling overcome me like this was what being in New York was all about. I was even more excited that Tracy McGrady was traded to the Knicks, so it brought more star power to their cause. Unfortunately, it was a game time decision that he wasn't going to play due to back spasms. I wish I could describe what happened, but what a close game! The Knicks beat the Hawks by one point! I was amazed how close the finish was. It literally came down to a photo finish when Al Horford tipped in the ball at the last second, but it wasn't enough to close out. Funny thing was, we had a bet amongst our friends that if the Knicks won... we would take them out to dinner. Well, guess what happened? Soju and chicken was on me and my buddy Yuefan. I forgot how fast time flew, but the great thing was that I was past the point of exhaustion and I was ready for a good night sleep.