An Early Christmas Celebration With My Extended Singaporean Family

Over in Singapore, organized religion is a big deal especially how they do it over here. Around noon, I made my way towards the Singapore Indoor Stadium (the arena where most of their concerts and sporting events are held) to meet up with David and company.

Before I begin describing the festivities, I have to talk about the cab ride over there. Usually cab rides don't last too long around Singapore because everything is so close together. With that having been said, many cab drivers complain about their pay and decide to take it out on the next guy that comes into the cab. So like most cab drivers, the first thing this dude asks is "Where are you going?" I tell him where I'm heading, and he just says to me in a very rude manner, "That's only an 8 minute drive.

Anyway, the service was amazing! In a stadium that seats at least 50,000... it was nearly filled to capacity! I can tell that for such a special event and so many live action cameras to be placed everywhere that this was going to be a treat. I'm not a huge church-going guy, but I have to say that this was a very remarkable event that was executed to near perfection. The choir was astonishing, the singers and performers nailed every note, and the sermon was delivered beautifully.

It lasted about four hours, but it never felt like those hours dragged on for too long. That's how you can tell it was a good service. I met Amit Nagpal, one of the actors for a film that I'm producing in Singapore called "Steadfast." He was cool enough to join along and see what the commotion was about, and right away... we just hit it off! This is the most down to earth Indian dude that I've met. Amit, if you're reading this... we gotta chill again sometime.

After the service, we made our way towards Toa Payoh to eat at a place called Mellben Seafood. David likes to hang around the central part of Singapore a lot, and I can tell you that the area is definitely lively at night. It definitely has a busy atmosphere because, as with many shopping malls of the time, all commercial activities are concentrated along a single mall with high point blocks on either side and major department stores at each end.

"I usually don't like to argue with cab drivers, but I told him straight up if he was gonna be a dick about it... I'll just take another cab. It convinced him to take me, and it was just a very silent ride to the stadium. Good thing is that I made my point, and I wasn't gonna be pushed.

I met Linus Chen, the other executive producer of the film that we're working on. I have to admit that it is a relief to see another Westerner in these parts, especially because I've been dealing with heavy accents throughout my entire stay here. He told me that the adjustment wasn't easy as well, but overtime he got use to it. We had a great talk, and Linus is a great guy to be around. He said he still has to tune his ear every now and then, but he got the hang of it... which is more than I can say for myself!

After that, we hit the studio to work on sound design and voice-over sound bites for the film.

Doing my best to match the vocalization for an action scene.

It's mainly work, but it was really fun to get the chance to finally work with the crew after a while. The studio session lasted about six hours, which was about standard. You can see random pictures taken through the session, which I thought was funny after looking at them. Around that time, I was ready to call it a night after 3AM. I'm going to be overseas for a bit, so I won't be blogging for the next few days.

Until then, I'll try to keep the blog updated until I can get some internet.