Thank heavens we're leaving Venice... I'll finally be getting over the weather that's been eating away at me. I just hope Lucerne will be better. I hear that there's some sort of festival going on. Plus, we get to go back to Verona to catch up and see what we missed. It's not a big deal, but it's always good to see new things. I've been getting tired lately, but at least I've been able to treat my allergies or sore throat (whatever it is) with proper meds. Now whatever is left for me to is just to get better and get some more rest.

We got to Verona around 11 AM... did some window shopping and some souvenir shopping, but otherwise... nothing that big. Luckily I found my camera in the bottom of my backpack, so I was able to snap a few shots of the streets and the town square.

I got a great deal on a salami and prosciutto sandwich for only .50 EU. Italy has been very kind to me food wise... but weather and health wise... ehhh...

After we left Verona, it was up to the alps we went. One thing I can't stress more is the views from the top of these mountains. I managed to get a few pictures from the top, but I won't upload them until I get back. The ones that I'm about to put up are the ones from my mom's camera. She went nuts with the pictures. Every pit stop we made, she had to buy all the Swiss chocolates that she could find. I mean... it's ok... but for a person that doesn't eat any chocolate... come on!

When we got to Lucerne, there was a big festival! Full of music and beer... damn. Someone was bound to get trampled. There's not much I can say about it.... other than the fact that the entertainment was very lively. Maybe the pictures will describe it better than me.

I'm not going to bother blogging about the other day. It was just a bunch of excursions, horse rides, and eating. We shopped around for a bit, and I bought a Swiss Army pocket watch. That was pretty much the highlight of the day.