Landed In London

For the most part, the first flight is always the worst part of the trip. You have to face jet lag for the first time, and for me... it was an extreme case. When you try to sleep on planes, the 10 hour wait in coach does not do wonders for your back. Anyway, we managed to hit London Heathrow at around 12pm at their time. We waited for the bus from the airport, but it was delayed for at least another hour... so we decided to hitch a cab instead. Once again, the weather is always gloomy and fair... which is something I've enjoyed about this country. It's never hot, and it rains at the best timing. I've noticed that the people here have tried to maintain some kind of credibility in the way they conduct themselves.

Since they're no longer the most polite country in the world, they know what they have to do. From cab drivers to the concierge... everyone that I've crossed paths with have been very hospitable towards me. That's the one thing that I would have to say that the United States needs more of.

The one thing that I can't get use to in London is their so-called "bathrooms" or loos. I can break those things with my butt just by sitting on them... so it's really a control of strength for me. BBC once again has disappointed me with their lack of television programming... since there's really nothing on television except for rugby and news.