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Next stop: Mannheim, Germany.

While I was looking at the map, it got more confusing once we saw that we were doing a complete loop-de-loop around to Vienna, then sailing around the Rhine River, and then heading straight to Mannheim. If you look at the map, that's a buttload of driving. Combined bathroom breaks and cramped legs were more than enough for me.

I was passed out for most of the trip, but whenever I was awake... there were quite a lot of sites to see. It's interesting that there is so much to see at a pit stop. Every stop I hit, I loaded up on soda and gummy bears. Once again... that paying to go to the bathroom is a pain in the ass. Be grateful for what you have in the states when it comes to bathrooms.

The first major city we stopped at was Vienna, which is a really awesome city if you look at everything. There was quite a lot to see in terms of the architecture, shopping, and food. I'm a fan of their food, and I think I'm going to miss it once I leave this place. It's not quite the look that I expected for such a rustic city, but like I said... you gotta look at everything. We only had about two hours to kill before heading back to the bus, so I had to make the most of it.

The Rhine River cruise was something enjoyable. Free beer = awesome. We got to pass through the major cities, which I don't have down right now at the moment. They're somewhere on paper.

Around 6 PM, we got to Mannheim. By this time, I was exhausted and feeling the burn in my legs. After a nice goulash dinner, I hit the sack early. The hotel that I was staying in was called the Maritim Parkhotel, and I have to say that it's really ancient. I guess that's the look that they were going for, so we can't complain.

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