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Bon Voyage to Amsterdam

We left on a bus heading for the port near Dover to take us across to Holland. The excursion was cool aside from the road bumps and the traffic. The bus boarded a huge ferry that took us across the English channel straight to the Netherlands. While all of this was going on, I was incredibly fatigued from the bus ride and the bumpy boat ride... so I didn't really catch much. There's something about land tours that just takes more energy out of you, considering there were pit stops every two hours. It took us roughly seven hours to get to the city of Amsterdam.


We landed in Calais and drove along the coast to the Netherlands. Once we hit Amsterdam, we knew what we were in for.


I wanted to introduce my brother to "Space Cakes," the brownies infused with enough cannabis to send you into the stratosphere.


We walked into some nameless cafe that smelled like joints and fragrant coffee. We saw the cakes at the counter, so we asked for two. I think we were just so enamored by the fact that it was so accessible that we weren't listening to any of the instructions that we were given about this. It was so cheap! I remember being in that cafe for less than fifteen minutes, but it felt like almost 2 hours. We did we did to best blend in with the locals.


The waitress came by and asked us how much we ate. Between the two of us, I told her that my brother and I ate one each. She just smiled and walked away.


I presume she knew that we would be gone soon. I honestly felt fine.


It wasn't until maybe an hour later that it started hitting. The first place it hit me was my hands. Everything I touched emitted colorful sound waves. Then I could hear it in my voice. Everything was a slow echo coming in and going out. I wish I could describe it to you like I did to my brother, but I was high as a kite. My sister got a kick out of it, because from the outside looking in, everything was funny to us.


We took a cruise on a small ferry to see the sites of Amsterdam, but like I said in the previous paragraph... blur. I managed to take some pictures though while we were passing by, so just in case I forgot about the entire cruise, I would at least have a mental image of where I was.

We ate at Sea Palace, a floating Chinese restaurant that resembles the same exact place in Hong Kong. Looking back, it was a peculiar choice considering Chinese food had nothing to do with Amsterdam, but I wasn't complaining. By that time, the weed was working its beautiful magic and I was cruising on autopilot.

I wish I could tell you what happened, but after dinner, everything was a complete blur. I actually don't even remember eating dinner at all. I woke up on the hotel toilet in the middle of the night. What I can tell you is that we stayed at the Mövenpick Amsterdam City Centre hotel, and that hotel is spectacular.

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