Day Two in the UK

Things are moving very fast pace, especially since our jet lag hasn't quite recovered yet. We started the day at roughly 6am... eating the usual continental breakfast. Breakfast is definitely something I need to get use to since I'm graduated and done with the entire gummy bears and fast food diet. Anyway, we boarded a bus that took us around the places that we've already been to. We got to revisit Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, and the Big Ben.

You know that feeling you get when you've remembered exactly where you were when you first visited the country? That's when you're an established traveler. I got that feeling so many times.

There's a lot to do here, but it's only the beginning of our excursion. It lasted roughly six to seven hours, and then we decided to go off into a different direction and hit up Harrod's (the best place for everything). Something we never really did the first time was check the place out to the fullest extent. The lady told a story about some guy wanting an elephant sandwich... and that just boosted my appetite like crazy.

All I was really interested in was the food. I found out something interesting... that the legal drinking age was 18. Two kids tried to pull that crap off, but any idiot could tell that they were NOT 18! I enjoyed a nice chicken plate and a beer, while my bro and dad chowed down on some mutton and beef. Gotta rate it a 10/10, because it seriously did not get any better than that. It didn't stop there... as we went to their famous ice cream and candy parlor and had a giant sundae. If any of you were to go to London, you gotta stop by and get yourself an ice cream.

Once we woke up, we walked around the area to find a nice French place that seemed alright at first.... until I realized I was charged nearly 2 GBPs for a dip of Bearnaise sauce.... wtf???? Anyway, tip for the rookie travelers... the sauce is never free. Just remember that. The night pretty much ended there. Looking forward to hitting the road.