Like all the birthdays preceding this, I think it's time to reflect on the 22 years of accomplishments that I have set forth. 2007 was a big year for me because I won three gold awards, two plaques from the American Marketing Association and the University of California Gary Anderson Program, and banked a lot more capital than the previous years.

I had a talk with Yuefan about this earlier and it made me realize that there are people who have made so much money in a short period of time and there are people that waste years trying to save up in order to establish a fortune. I believe that these people who get rich fast were either in the right place at the right time or got lucky off of investing in the big players. With this in mind, there is really no formula for luck.

The way to do it correctly revolves around early planning and team strategy because I'm sure that most successful economic players in the field did not just rely on luck and a wait-and-see attitude. The execution requires the same amount of effort from everybody that's working toward the same plan. I'm currently in my fifth year of operations (from when I started after graduating from high school) and I plan to keep it going for at least another three years before I relocate to New York. All I'm saying is, the earlier you plan your strategy, the faster you can execute your operation.

The film industry has been very cruel lately mainly because of the writer's union problem. I'm not going to get into that topic, but let's just say it's been a slow year for me on that part. I've been able to secure some G4 jobs, so I'll see what develops out of that.

I got to spend a lot of time on the road and catch up with some old friends that I haven't spoken to since the quarter started. Things have been really hectic for me in the past six months, and I've called just about everybody on my cell to see how everything was with them. Getting a bit older makes you realize that some friends are just as valuable as family.

That's it for my reflection on the past year.

Let the good times roll.