Mexican Riviera

Around 7 AM, I was all packed and ready to hit the sands of Mexico. The thing is, we would be hitting about 3 stops on the way, and the rest would be sea days. From what I heard, the sea days are the worst coming back because the ship floors have to put up a fight with the waves. The first two days in this case would be on sea, and then we hit Puerto Vallarta on Christmas Day.

All I can tell you is that I was gonna gain massive weight on this ship due to the fact that the basketball court here sucks and the waves are too rocky to do any running on the upper floor of the ship. So what did I do you ask? Eat, eat, eat! The thing I love about the cruises is that I get to gorge on as much as I want with the best possible service known to man.

I'm gonna enjoy this next week.

For the sake of time, I figured I would just skip on to the excursions... because most of the sea days consist of me sleeping, eating, or working out on the ship.

Well, it finally took me 2 days... but I made it! I've heard a great deal about Puerto Vallarta, but I had to see it for myself. Eventually when we hit land around 8 AM, our first idea was to hit this beach spot called Mismaloya... so we hitched a taxi to take us there. From what I heard, it was suppose to be this really nice beach area full of water activities... but when I got there, it was a pretty depressing sight. It smelled like sewer pond water, and there wasn't much to do except scuba dive and fish. Yeah right! The funniest thing was this one vendor that sold dirty t-shirts for $2.

So after thinking about it, we decided to hit up another spot that was on the other side of Puerto Vallarta called Nikki Beach. It's suppose to be a nice beach resort catered to the upper middle class tourists in Mexico. With that said, me and the family hitched another taxi ride that took us into the heart of downtown. Compared to what we saw on one side and comparing it to the other... I drew up a conclusion that... in Mexico... there's a crappy side and a beautiful side in every city. The trick is finding the beautiful side and ignore the crappy side as much as possible.

From Nikki Beach, I spend a few good hours making haste. For me and my brother, we had a great time wave running all over the place and for my sister, she made sand castles and had a blast in the water.

Around 4 PM, I started to head back and make my way to the ship. Tomorrow morning, we hit Mazatlan. Should be more interesting now that I know what to look for.

After Puerto Vallarta, my expectations for Mazatlan are definitely peaking...

Around 10 AM, I got off the ship and tried to find the nearest taxi I could find. The one thing in Mexico that's sort of annoying is the crowd of vendors and people trying to sell you stuff. You really have to fight your way through or else you'll be looking at a bunch of bad deals and leaving with a handful of junk.

The plan was to get to this place called Golden Zone, which was a deserted island that you need to either sail to or get a wave runner and head out to. The taxi driver took us to this isle where we had to walk to the place, but before that... figured we'd do a little shopping before anything. After all, it was sorta early to hit the beach... and the sun wasn't quite up by the time we got there.

Here's the best part of the trip... so I took a Catamaran to the other side of the island, as you can see in the image. Since the wind picked up heavily, we were able to get there without a problem. It took about 10 minutes along with some bumps in the ocean to get there. Once there, I figured I should get a workout in the water... so I took a kayak along with my brother and we decided to hit the waves. I would've loved to have gone surfing, but the waves completely disappeared after an hour.

This is the best place to chill if you're ever in the area. The place is run by a small family, and if you get on their good side... you can rent out their equipment for as long as you like. We left the island around 2 PM.

One interesting side note.... there was this big fuss about this guy doing the parasailing. After closer inspection, you can sorta tell that this guy was in his 80s. Can you imagine that? An 80 year old guy on the parasail? It's insane! It was funny because after he came down hard, everyone was crowding around him and cheering him on. He was a big hit apparently.

Finally the moment I've been waiting for....

For most of you guys, this place should sound familiar to you. CABO SAN LUCAS!

If you've ever been here, just setting foot on their beaches is enough. Fortunately, I got to do more than that. I got to explore.... and whenever you are here, take the time to explore their beaches and their landmarks. The water taxi took me just where I needed to be. In these rough waters, we got to go through the kind of stuff you see in the Travel Channel. Awesome beaches, amazing wildlife, and incredible views from up close and afar.

At the beaches, the best thing I can say about it is that the service is the best, and the entertainment along with the music is crazy! My brother spent the entire time sleeping through it!

I'll take the time to tell you that if you're ever in this area, take the glass boat ride across the ocean and across the Pacific to see the kind of things that I got to see. After all these sights and these excursions and the whitewater rafting... it really took a toll on my body. Overall, great experience... and I would definitely do it again.